Blue Print December!



This time Blue Print will be showcasing 24 exciting print studios, in a fantastic venue situated in the fashion district of New York. The mix of studios ensures we cover all product areas that require great artwork. We may only be 24 but we represent many different inspired artists and designers. 

We will be announcing the list of studios in the coming weeks, so watch this space ! 

Hours ( Provisional )
Wednesday  2nd December 2015          10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Thursday     3rd December 2015           09.00 am - 6.00 pm
Friday          4th December 2015           09.00 am - 4.00 pm

Registration to attend the show will be open from the 1st of July 2015. 

We have provided a list of hotels for your stay in New York, please visit the register page.    

Make Blue Print the go to show for all your print needs ! We look forward to seeing you there ! 

The Show May 2015!


The very first Blue Print show exceeded all our expectations, both with the number of visitors, and the number of print sales achieved !

Right from the off we had a steady flow of clients such as Pier1, Crate & Barrel, Papyrus, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Paper Chase, Berwick-Offray, and American Greetings, and several of those stayed all day and took the time to visit all the studios. All of us opened business with new clients, which is what these shows should be about, and apart from the sales we all have a lot of follow up and and potential licences too.

The show has been so successful that we have already decided on another show this year, so keep your eyes open for the dates !

We wanted to create a more open relaxed atmosphere for Blue Print, and judging by the clients comments we managed to achieve that. Planning and doing it for ourselves, we proved we could do it, and made it a much more economical venture for all of us. There are a couple of things we will fine tune for the next Blue Print show, to make it an even better experience for everyone !

Here are some more shots from Blue Print :

The setup day of the show was disrupted by a shooting on 37th and 8th ! The NYPD had taped off 37th between 8th and 7th, which was the only street our tables and covers could be delivered on ! So instead of them arriving before 2.00 pm, the NYPD finally allowed our truck in at 5.00 pm, and we got them set up in double quick time.

ucy & Lauren at L J Woodhouse had Blue Print tote bags and lavender bags made to give away to visitors at the show. The studios made contributions to put into the bags, and they turned out to be a well received gift.

Abby and Ben at Pomelo & Pomelo putting up their banners. They were a great way to promote each studio, and they just packed away into a narrow box at the end of the show :

Chris and his son from Verbeek Designs setting up their space :

 Cinnamon Joe Studio's setup almost done :

he Blue Print banner at the entrance on the 17th floor :

 The light streaming in through the windows :

We are already planning the next show, and have a fabulous bigger venue already booked! More good news soon! 

First Day of Blue Print May 2015!

The first day of the show turned out to be a fantastic day for everyone, the first visitors arriving at 9.50, ten minutes before the show opened ! It was busy all day long, and all the studios reported an
excellent day for print sales, and also for meeting new clients. Several of the visiting groups stayed all day long, and the excitement of the day was felt by all the studios.
The feed back we got from the clients that visited Blue Print was that they loved the venue, and the relaxed atmosphere in which to view the studios latest artwork. 
In the evening we all headed for an amazing Peruvian restaurant called Pio Pio, which was absolutely packed, and our table ended up being 26 people in total ! We ate way too much food, and drank a lot of cold beers and sangria ! Danny from Creativo had the unenviable job of finding a restaurant that could accomodate us all, but he really could not have found us a better place, so it was a job well done ! A big thanks to Danny !

The crowds arriving at Blue Print :

The First Day :

ime To Party ! 

nd a good time was had by all !

Exhibitor Feature: Cinnamon Joe Studio Part 1

The countdown to Blue Print Design Show has started ! Over the final week we are going to feature a selection of the artists we represent that will have exciting new artwork that can be seen at the show.

More great artists from the Cinnamon Joe Studio camp

Bala Krishna Madana graduated from Nottingham Trent University and now designs from his studio in Southern India where he grew up. His work is rich in pattern with vibrant colours. He uses a mix of watercolour techniques as well as digital in his artwork.

Booom Studio is Sabina Mandelli, an Italian illustrator specialising in textiles and stationery. With over 15 years experience, it is clear when you see Sabina's art. Strong in colour, her intricate patterns need to be seen to be appreciated.

Faye Buckingham is a wonderfully creative artist, with loads of experience. Her work ranges from beautiful hand generated art to detailed vector based. Faye has 9 years experience.

Fernanda Filgueira is a textile designer originating from Argentina. She has a degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where she currently lives and works. Fernanda's art is expressively rich in colour and movement.

Gina Maldonado is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Hong Kong. Gina travels the world for inspiration. Her designs feature cuddly creatures, bright colours and florals.

Kirsti Davidson is an illustrator based in Hove in the United Kingdom. Kirsti's favourite things to create are children's characters using bubblegum colours.

Lene Bomholt Pederson works and lives in Denmark. Her artwork is bold, bright and fun. I strong statement is made by her use of graphic style.

Mirel Piek hales from Holland. Mirel has a great sense of humour which is apparent in her fabulous artwork.

Rachel Gresham is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Nashville Tennessee. With a background in painting, Rachel's transition to digital art was a smooth one. Her designs are graphic, and bold.

Rebecca Douglas graduated from Heriot Watt School of Textiles. She has a strong passion for all aspects of Design. She loves mixing patterns in great colours.

Rosie Maddocks has over 9 years experience specialising in mainly kid's designs. An all rounder, Rosie produces great boy and girl artwork.

Rosie Parkinson is an experienced freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator, with an impressive client list to her name and knowledge of designing extensive product lines. Rosie creates fun characters, beautiful florals and has a versatile handwriting.

Sara Castro Monteiro is a self taught artist who fell in love with the world of surface pattern design. Her style is hand drawn and bold using playful colours.

Sarah Grately studied illustration at the University of Central England in Birmingham. She has a background in stationery, gift wrap, textiles and bedding. Her designs are aimed at children using fun colourful designs.

Steve James is a freelance illustrator with 10 years experience in the creative industry. He has produced commercial artwork for greeting cards, as well as product and packaging for video game accessories.

Zoe Dieteren-Brench is a creative designer with a passion for surface pattern and print design. Her work is inspired by organic structures.

Sarah Burman is an experienced freelance graphic designer and digital illustrator from the United Kingdom. She specialises in trend driven and commercial designs. Among Sarah's versatile topics that she creates are the most beautiful florals.

Andrea Turk is a freelance fashion designer, surface pattern designer, graphic artist, published illustrator as well as founder of Cinnamon Joe Studio. With over 20 years experience in the children's market, she brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her art. She designs topical artwork in trend driven colours.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Exhibitor Feature: Cinnamon Joe Studio Part 2

And we continue with more artists we represent! 

Abby Zweifel lives in sunny Sarasota, Florida with husband Ben, (also an amazing artist). Abby joined Cinnamon Joe in 2012, after years working in corporate childrenswear and homeware products. Her style is bright and happy, using playful colours and really cute characters. Abby also produces wonderful florals.

Gemma Dominick is a well established freelance artist. With over 13 years experience in the Greeting card industry and also toys, she really knows her stuff. Gemma loves designing playful characters, cute patterns and fonts. She also produces illustrative watercolours, delicate wedding artwork and pretty florals.

Jennifer Rehm, originally from Savannah now lives in North Carolina with her dog Daisy. A trained fine artist, Jennifer made the transition to digital illustration and has never looked back. A strong background in designing gift bags, wrapping paper and stationery for the American market. Her whimsical style is full of punchy colours, cute characters and a good sense of humor. Jennifer has been with us 8 years this year.

Jennifer Randall originally a stationery artist, is now branching out into other areas. Her character artwork is truly fun and Jennifer injects lots of humor into her characters. There is also a softer floral side to her collection and her boy's artwork is spot on.

Kim Hawes born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, graduated from Cleveland Institute of Art with a degree in illustration. With over 10 years experience creating character artwork Kim's designs have great personality and movement. Each individual piece is very thoughtful and considered.

Kaz Lammie with over 10 years experience in the greeting card and stationery industry and 5 years experience in children's apparel, Kaz is also a published book illustrator. Kaz is inspired by nature, charity shops, interiors, children's books and her 3 children. Her style is fun and bold using bright well thought out colour palettes.

Katie Wood graduated from Loughborough University in 2004 with a degree in illustration and hasn't looked back. A very well published illustrator who truly loves what she does. Her style is very unique and distinctive, it really needs to be seen in full to admire the techniques that Katie brings to every piece.

Lily Pink is an extremely versatile artist who's art ranges from baby to teens, girl and boy. Topical and on trend, this artist creates forward thinking designs in beautiful colour palettes.

Mette Engell is a freelance artist working in Denmark where she lives with her husband, 3 kids and 3 cats. Her style is illustrative and packed with fun characters with oodles of personality.

Rachel Westhead graduated from Leeds University in 2005 and is based in Liverpool. Her style is very unique. Wonderful organic shapes inspired by nature in beautiful colours, bold florals with a 50's vibe and quirky animals feature heavily in Rachel's collections.

Tiger Kitty is based in sunny California, and has this great skill of making anything look cute :) !
She is a great graphic designer, and has worked as a graphic artist in different companies for children's apparel, bedding and infant products. We will have her exciting, colourful prints at Blue Print, and they been extensively updated over the past few months  !

Stephanie Thannhauser has been with us as long as we have been going, and we love her style and quirky sense of humour ! She has many talents that encompass embroidery, designing greeting cards and artwork for all age groups ! We may all be older now but her design is just as exciting and creative as it was way back when we started ! 

Stevie Lochrie hails from Glasgow in bonnie Scotland, where he lives with his wife and young family. His boy prints are great and they appeal to a wide range of clients, and he is constantly updating what he has in the print collection. He often branches out into Xmas and Halloween prints, and his retro monsters always do well !

 Tamara Csengeri is a graphic designer from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She has a passion for colors, patterns, art and fashion, and she has extensive experience in the toddler fashion industry. We have a lot of her new prints in the collection now, so Blue Print will be a good opportunity to come and see them !

Tina Finn is a very experienced Illustrator and designer who has worked in many fields that have benefited from her many talents. She lives in deepest Colorado, and has a studio that looks out onto woodland where she often sees deer, bear, bobcats and all sorts of birds. We love her new prints, they are so excitng and creative ! 

Clarice Diamantino is a designer and illustrator from Brazil, who has recently moved to New York to pursue her freelance career ! She has worked in the past with Disney, Mattel, and Sanrio and on several projects in her native Brazil, mainly on educational projects with children public schools in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.

Helen Black aka Lil Boss, is based down in sunny Brighton. Her style is very creative and she designs beautiful floral and character prints that have been a big hit with our clients. She has developed some great techniques in Illustrator and her use of colour make her prints really stand out.

Alice Potter is a London based illustrator and surface pattern designer, who loves working on designs for greeting cards, stationery, gifts and clothing for children. In her studio, she surrounds herself with pencil sketches, that she recreates on the computer. Her use of colour really give her prints a lift ! 

Hayley Anne Burgess is a children’s graphic designer and illustrator and loves designing for apparel, gift, home and paper goods. She is based in Manchester in the UK, in her own little studio and has over 13 years of experience, 7 of those years have been freelancing for many high street retailers and small independent companies.

Hayley designs from baby to teens in both boys and girls, and you will always find her designing, doodling or doing something creative.

Susan Mansell is up in Bolton in Greater Manchester, and has designed for nursery bedding and co-ordinated products from toys to mobiles. She has a very hand drawn style and has worked on projects in the past for John Lewis, Mothercare and Babies R Us. Susan has a very distinctive use of colour and her prints now cover the age groups up to tween and teen. 

Claire Fritz-Domeny lives down in Southampton on the south coast in the UK, and designs modern delicate floral prints, inspired by nature, and in contemporary colours. Her artwork is perfect for stationery and fabrics, but could have many other applications too !

Inga Wilmink was born in Germany - but she's been living in the UK for over 14 years now. She has worked in-house, and also freelanced, mainly as a surface designer for stationery and textiles for the toddler to tween/teen age group. She loves creating cute characters and collections, does lots of doodling, and also creates floral repeats here and there ! She is now creating great character prints for CJS, and has steadily been building up her artwork in the collection.

Hannah Whittal is also in the UK, and has only recently joined CJS. She has a very distinctive hand generated style, and has already designed cards, gift wrap, gift bags, and surface pattern for some of the leading retailers in the UK. Her new prints are already getting a good reaction, and we are looking forward to seeing more of her artwork in the collection. 

Eliana Bigio lives in the UK and creates the most exciting prints, florals and geometrics, mainly for girls and womens apparel, but they also appeal to fabric companies too. Her use of colour is what makes her prints stand out and they really caught the eye at PV Designs in Paris recently. Her portfolio is building up nicely now, so it will be good to see what reaction we get at Blue Print in May ! 

Keep your eyes open for more of our artists to be featured soon ! 

You can see more of our designers at, and fun stuff on our blog : !