The Show May 2015!


The very first Blue Print show exceeded all our expectations, both with the number of visitors, and the number of print sales achieved !

Right from the off we had a steady flow of clients such as Pier1, Crate & Barrel, Papyrus, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Paper Chase, Berwick-Offray, and American Greetings, and several of those stayed all day and took the time to visit all the studios. All of us opened business with new clients, which is what these shows should be about, and apart from the sales we all have a lot of follow up and and potential licences too.

The show has been so successful that we have already decided on another show this year, so keep your eyes open for the dates !

We wanted to create a more open relaxed atmosphere for Blue Print, and judging by the clients comments we managed to achieve that. Planning and doing it for ourselves, we proved we could do it, and made it a much more economical venture for all of us. There are a couple of things we will fine tune for the next Blue Print show, to make it an even better experience for everyone !

Here are some more shots from Blue Print :

The setup day of the show was disrupted by a shooting on 37th and 8th ! The NYPD had taped off 37th between 8th and 7th, which was the only street our tables and covers could be delivered on ! So instead of them arriving before 2.00 pm, the NYPD finally allowed our truck in at 5.00 pm, and we got them set up in double quick time.

ucy & Lauren at L J Woodhouse had Blue Print tote bags and lavender bags made to give away to visitors at the show. The studios made contributions to put into the bags, and they turned out to be a well received gift.

Abby and Ben at Pomelo & Pomelo putting up their banners. They were a great way to promote each studio, and they just packed away into a narrow box at the end of the show :

Chris and his son from Verbeek Designs setting up their space :

 Cinnamon Joe Studio's setup almost done :

he Blue Print banner at the entrance on the 17th floor :

 The light streaming in through the windows :

We are already planning the next show, and have a fabulous bigger venue already booked! More good news soon!